DRE60ELV12DC- Electronic Dimmable Driver for LEDs 12V Output

General Details

Rouge Lighting DRE60ELV electronic power supplies for LEDs is designed to deliver power to today’s LED light sources up to a maximum of 60 Watts.
The advanced circuitry of the DRE-Series enables it to operate smoothly with line power dimmer switches as well as architectural type dimming controls, without using an interface. All DRE-Series power supplies are not limited by a minimum load requirement like previous conventional transformers.
DRE-Series supplies are available in a wide variety of combinations of common input and output voltages.
You are sure to find a power supply to meet the requirements of your most demanding applications. Contact your Elram, Inc. customer service representatives to find out more about this and many other fine products.


Available in 120VAC, 230VAC, 277VAC input
Available in 12 VAC, 12VDC, 24VAC, 24VDC output
Maximum load of 60W (75W Available)
THD < 13% Power factor > 0.97 (without dimmer with LED light strip or halogens) Class A insulation isolation transformer
Maximum casing temperature of 90 °C
Maximum amb. oper. temp. of 40 °C
Suitable for damp and dry locations