EFP24-B 2X4 Back-lit Flat Panel 0-10V

General Details

Rouge Lighting Plus 2’X4′ back-lit flat panel series has a uniform and soft luminous efficiency, extreme energy saving, and environment friendly. The 3CCT options includes 3500K, 4000K, 5000K it can be easily selected at the time of installation with 0-10V dimming is perfect for new construction applications or retrofitting existing fluorescent troffer fixtures with recessed installation, widely used in office spaces, education, major retail stores, government, healthcare, and hospitality.


DIMMING- 0-10V dimming can be well compatible with all kinds of brand
ELECTRICAL- Driven by high-quality constant-current power LED
drivers which are rated for 50 to 60Hz at input Voltage 120-277V input,
and output current of 1000mA produce less than 20% THD and consume
a power factor of .90 to 1.00.
MAINTENANCE- Zero distance between back cover and the frame
protect against dust perfectly. MS material cannot use in places like
hospital, kitchens with heavy dust and over 12 hours continuously; PMMA
material is not restricted in the above environment.
OPTIONS- Fixtures can be shipped pre-installed with occupancy sensors
daylight harvesting controls, and/or power pack. Available manufacturer
options include Lutron, Leviton, Wattstopper, and others.
QUALITY CONTROL- Every fixture is tested and looked at before