RLB Series Low Profile Linkable Light Bar

General Details

The RLB series designed by Rouge Lighting provides a set of connectable LED light bars from 4 Inches to 48 Inches. What makes this product unique in its field is the advantage of having it customize to the size that it is required for your project up to 33 feet with only a single 24V Elram LED dimmable driver.   Its slim design is best when used for kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, Shelves, counters, bar cabinets, office desks, Cove lighting and more.  With a low wattage of only 4.4W per FT this product is superior over the old halogen light for its brightness, less heat, and power sufficiency.  This unique LED light bar offers the same brightness as a 32watt of Tungsten Incandescent light per linear foot with a life expediency of over 50,000 hours. Check out our RLB extensive accessory list to help you design your project with style.


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