DT2-602A-WH 60W Smart Dimer Driver 24VDC

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General Details

It is an integrated LED driver with the combination of power supply, Bluetooth Mesh and 0-10V dimming signal, and can be mounted in a standard in-wall switch box to convert 120V
AC to 24V DC.


1. 0-10V dimming.
2. Manual slider dimming.
3. Power supply and dimmer and 0-10V in one unit.
4. No minimum load.
5. 0-100% smooth dimming.

6. Encryption matching with a specific phone, and removing
the matching with one button.
7. Independent key for open and off.
8. Power failure memory: the driver will return to setting
priorto interruption after power-on again.
9. Fits in a standard recessed electrical box.


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